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At first, an Italian restaurant that slowly changed offering courses from around the world. 

Unexpected nomination for the Best Restaurant Award

The restaurant has been nominated for the time being as the only restaurant in Poland.

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The restaurant is distinguished by the quality of dishes, and original recipes for both pizzas and dishes on the menu. The menu is based on the slow food philosophy - high-quality seasonal products, including those from the superfoods category, such as beetroot or Jerusalem artichoke, and traditional Italian dishes, such as risotto. All dishes are fully home-cooked—the highest quality on a plate, casual atmosphere, all under hundred-year-old pine trees accompanied by squirrels. Of course, we deliver home not only pizza but all the dishes from the menu. We also offer catering. Our specialty is paella - live cooking, which is a great dish and an attraction for your guests. We are prepared to prepare paella both in the garden and indoors. We also make great vegan paellas!

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