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To complement my industrial design degree, I pursued a minor in UX/UI. Through this program, I expanded my skill set and deepened my understanding of the software utilized in this field. Additionally, I acquired advanced research skills to further enhance my capabilities.


LMS - Mobile App

A new learning management system that prioritizes organization and communication needs. Putting a user first to allow for a smooth interactive learning experience.



Know your rights on abortion in US!

Interactive data visualization 

The objective of the job was to effectively engage and educate the audience by offering them a flexible range of information, tailored to their preferences, while fostering discovery, compassion, perspective, and knowledge.



Branding Company

The project encompasses various elements, including the design of the main webpage, logo creation, exploration of business card concepts, and development of eye-catching flyers. Additionally, font selection and color palettes will be carefully considered to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing outcome.



Monitoring App for diabetics  

The application is designed to be personalized and customizable according to the user's individual needs. The system provides robust analytics capabilities to enhance user efficiency. It offers reminders for users to check their blood sugar levels, record their sugar levels, and maintain a balanced diet. Specifically designed for diabetics, it monitors glucose levels and automates insulin insertion, while also offering tailored features for individual needs.

UI software design

Internship at Sealed Air 2022

Created visual design prototypes in Adobe XD, designed icons, and developed solutions for a new navigation system, resulting in a major increase in user satisfaction.

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