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MA Creative Business Leadership

Business Portfolio

With a Master of Arts in Creative Business Leadership and a proven track record of leading projects from concept to manufacturing, I am uniquely positioned to help businesses develop and launch successful products that are aligned with business goals and objectives. Expertise in user research, design principles, sustainable manufacturing practices, and business fundamentals.

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Ocula - Counter Fridge

Business Plan

Ocula Counter Fridge is the world's first vertical, counter-depth refrigerator that saves space and keeps food fresh longer. Advanced features include innovative cooling, smart technology, and energy efficiency.


Business Analysis & Plan

Amazon is a successful and innovative company that has grown rapidly in e-commerce, cloud computing, and other industries. This project will conduct a comprehensive strategic analysis of Amazon, including a SWOT analysis, competitive landscape analysis, industry trend analysis, and strategic recommendations.


Thesis - WineHub Curation

Business Plan

Wine Hub aims to disrupt the antiquated B2B wine distribution landscape by building a digital platform that connects passionate wineries directly with independent restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. We cut out the middlemen, fostering transparency, streamlining procurement, and empowering both sides to build valuable relationships.

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